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Classic Web Hosting Made Easy  Beta

It's like those modern deployments, but for the old school.

Starts with: GoogleGitHub

A hosting service that serves all.

This is not an overly optimistic service that only run specific code.
Anything than can run in linux, can be hosted here.

Supported language compilers

Builtin database instances

From stratch, or existing repo.

Start your website with couple of clicks.
We have tens of deployments recipes ready to boot,
either from stratch or from your existing repo.

Fix it in Production.

No other modern deployments system will allow you directly connect a server instance with Visual Studio Code via SSH Remote.
What's more better than direct linux access to your server?

In a hurry? No Problem.

Use our web-based File Manager, MariaDB/Postgres Explorer and SSH Terminal.
Your visitors don't wait for that new commits, fix it now and make patches later.

Mix and Match

We grant you access to the most powerful web proxy on the planet, NginX.
With little patience, You can mix two website into one domain.

Smart resource saving.

Our server always automatically turn system down within 5 minutes of inactivity,
but will always wake up in fraction of seconds in incoming visit.
Why? to prevents memory leak, and make room for everyone else.
That's why our service can be so generous!

Simple but Powerful Runners

From bootstrapping WordPress to repulling Git, it's your command center.
Hook it to your GitHub repo via a webhook and it becomes a CI/CD tool to keep your website and deployments sync!

Global Insfrastructure

Serve website closest to the location of your audience

Psst... Want more location?

Ready to try out?

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