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Classic Web Hosting Made Easy  Beta

Modern hosting platform but for the old school.

Starts for free: GoogleGitHub

A hosting service that serves all

This is not an optimistic hosting service that only works for a specific code language.
Anything than can run in linux, can be hosted here.

Officially supported software compilers and interpreters

Builtin database instances

*) logos are just representation, we're not affiliated with them :)

From scratch, or existing projects.

Start your website with couple of clicks.
We have tens of deployments templates with popular frameworks.
Start from scratch or upload your existing project.

Complete control over the server

Access our servers via non-sudo SSH access to your websites.
Install additional tools, languages or compilers at your own will.

Your personal development server

Use our web-based File Manager, Database Explorer and SSH Terminal.
Code anywhere with VS Code via Remote Development using SSH.
Hot Reload works out of the box, across the internet!

Mix and Match

Our HTTP(s) server is powered by NGINX, a powerful web proxy, configurable for all users.
With a little reading, You will be able to even mix two separate websites into one domain.

Smart resource saving

Your app will not be running 24/7, but it will be spin up back almost instantly at incoming traffic.
This is a win-win solution for saving resources (and money!) you might not even notice it.

Powerful Deployment Tool

Manager server features, set up NGINX, run some commands, all in one script.
Add it to GitHub CI/CD tool to keep your repository and server code in sync!

Global Server Region

Pick one closest to the location of your visitors

Psst... Want more location?

Ready? Try it for free!

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