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Pricing details

Subscription options for those who grow

2 months discount for yearly plans!

Lite Plan


A month

3 GiB Total Storage
20 GiB Data Network / month
Maximum of 6 instances
Team of 2 users

Kit Plan


A month

10 GiB Total Storage
100 GiB Data Network / month
Maximum of 10 instances
Team of 3 users

Pro Plan


A month

30 GiB Total Storage
500 GiB Data Network / month
Maximum of 25 instances
Team of 5 users

Try before buy! it's 100% free

Free Storage

1.5 GB of storage free for up to 3 websites.

Free Network Limit

2GB of monthly free outbound data network.

Free Forever

No trial limit as long as you keep using it

Quick Setup

It only takes minutes to deploy your website!

Built-in Security

Built-in HTTPS, Firewall and Bot Protection.

Custom Domain

No cost to set up a custom domain.

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Benefits for subscribers! support 💚

Larger Capacity

More storage and data for higher traffic limit

Unblocked API Access

Allow all third-party API calls from server

Personalized Domain

Use personalized domain for free

Backup Files

Backup your files and data at no additional cost


Multiple users manage websites together

Prioritized Support

We'll seriously supporting your requests

Starts Risk Free!

No credit card required