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Preparing for spike because of Heroku

· 2 min read
Wildan Mubarok
Creator of DOM Cloud

In few days ago Heroku announced it will no longer provide free plans, which is also means a free marketing for us. I tell people people about this service in and and the result is a recent spike of traffic.

Traffic stat increased dramatically

To get prepared for this spike, I need to adjust a few things:

  • The New York server just been upgraded to 2 GB RAM and 2 vCPU immediately. This capacity is equal with what I use in Singapore server. Later if spike of usage still continue, I will use a separate mount drive for /home directory.
  • I will continue to complete writing the documentation, but there will be few changes: We'll remove the optional tools we've had installed (Ruby, Go, etc.) and the only things that preinstalled will be php (all major/version supported), node and python with specific version provided from OS. This will make our documentation clear and removing the dangerous depedency with OS environment which can change at anytime.

There's also a few improvements in features and security that I would like to talk for the next month:

  • The home directory will change into some random unique string rather than what you provided from the UI. This is because anybody can do ls /home and get all username list from the server. This might need take time because it may break existing scripts. Another option is to use jailkit but I'm not so sure it will not break anything.
  • we will provide a way to pipe the logs from server into portal UI. Right now the only way to open logs is from the Webmin UI.
  • The documentation, again.

So that's it, see you next month!